Dr Tim Maguire

Dr. Tim Maguire - Chiropractor, B.S.C. D.C (U.S.A.)

Tim Maguire grew up in the North East of Victoria and returned after studying Naturopathy in Melbourne and Chiropractic at Palmer College in the USA. He has continued a family tradition, as his father and uncle are also both Chiropractors.

Tim is passionate about the true value of a chiropractic lifestyle and a balanced approach to life. He continues to update his studies in the areas of pediatrics, wellness and nutrition. He encourages families to have regular chiropractic checkups in order to maximise their health potential and sees the daily benefits of healthy well adjusted children in his practice and at home.

Tim’s vision for chiropractic is that the profession be recognized as leaders and educators in the area of wellness and prevention and a source of information for all. The sickness model is failing us, so why go to an expert in sickness for advice on wellness?

The Maguire family love living in the region and are actively involved in the many local activities on offer such as Little Athletics, Gymbaroo, swimming, Cross fit, snow skiing , and tennis.

Dr Sanda Thompson

Dr. Sanda Thompson - Chiropractor, BS ESSM, BHSci(Chiro), MClinChiro

Sanda completed her Chiropractic degree at RMIT University in Melbourne after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from the United States.

Understanding that Chiropractic is vital to nervous system health and wellbeing, Sanda believes that everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care. With a special interest in kids, babies and pregnancy care, Sanda has completed post-graduate work in paediatrics and plans to do future studies in paediatrics and all aspects of Chiropractic.

Sanda brings along passion to the profession and dedication to help others. She looks forward to enriching the lives of others through chiropractic care. Sanda and her husband live in Beechworth with their two beautiful girls, Amalie and Elsie.

Dr Daniel Manson

Dr. Daniel Manson - Chiropractor, D.C. (U.S.A.)

Daniel Manson earned his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in the United States. He and his family relocated to Australia in 2014.

Daniel knows that the power that made the body heals the body, and that through a healthy and functioning spine and nervous system people can begin to realize their true wellness potential.

He loves being active with his wife Shainna, and three kids Konnor, Emma, and Remi. The family enjoys swimming, hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activity.

He very much enjoys working together with his patients on their path to health and wellness.

Dr Shainna Manson

Dr. Shainna Manson - Chiropractor, D.C. (U.S.A.)

Shainna Manson earned her Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, also known as the fountainhead. She fell in love with the profession after working in a chiropractic office and seeing first hand the results that could be achieved.

Shainna doesn’t just believe in chiropractic she believes in the chiropractic lifestyle. Healthy eating, staying active, and positive thoughts complimented by specific adjustments embody her thoughts on the way life should be.

Her special focus is with pregnancy, and children ranging from 1 day old to teens. Her goal is to integrate primitive reflexes and allow the child’s system to operate at 100%. She is currently working towards her diplomat in chiropractic paediatrics.

When Shainna isn’t working in the office she enjoys continuing her studies with her husband and spending time with her three kiddo’s. She is hoping to get some quality time in with fishing and camping.

She is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you on your pursuit of well-being.

Dr Peter Robb

Dr. Peter Robb - Chiropractor, D.C. (U.S.A.)

Peter attained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Honours in 1975. Since that time he has observed that the thing we call our health care system has very little to do with true health which is “optimal physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” WHO. Because of this, Peter has focused on gaining up to date information on how to be truly well from front line researchers.

Peter is an early adopter of many of the new and exciting chiropractic methods of spinal improvement and optimisation of nerve functions. This of necessity involves the inclusion of nutritional and exercise advice as well as addressing the physical stresses that are of emotional origin.

With his wife Rosemarie, Peter moved from Olinda on Mt Dandenong to a farm in NE Victoria, which says loads about how much he loves this region. Rosemarie and Peter are presently designing and transforming their farm to maximise the efficiency of growing grass, improving the health and water holding capacity of the soil, increasing the biodiversity of native animals and plants, and grazing cattle on a more dominantly native pasture.

Peter is also a volunteer CFA wildfire fire fighter when he is not in his chiropractor role. Did we say he follows the Magpies in AFL?

Peter looks forward to meeting you and hopes to help you to attain your desired health outcomes.

Dr Diane Dinh

Dr. Diane Dinh - Chiropractor, B. Sc (Chiro)

Complete Care Chiropractic would like to welcome Dr. Diane Dinh.

Diane is from Renmark, SA gaining her chiropractic degree at Murdoch University, Perth WA.

In developing her passion for health, she has an interest in various aspects of fitness. Whilst working as a gym instructor, she noticed the need for an enhanced diet and nutrition.

Diane has a passion for the synthesis of health and chiropractic lifestyle forms as part of a more complete model of wellness. The last few years has taken her on a journey working around rural Australia, India and Mexico; driven by a process of redefining what health means and how to acquire it.

"As a chiropractor, I assist to integrate your physical, mental and emotional capacities so that you can thrive in your environment- whether that be through sport, work, family or creative processes."

Outside of work, you’ll find Di out enjoying nature, keeping active, cooking or sampling a coffee around the Albury / Wodonga area.

Di is excited to join the team at CCC and looks forward to meeting and enhancing the health of our chiropractic clients.

Dr Diane will be working in our Wodonga and Henty Offices at this stage.

Dr Aziz Askin

Dr. Aziz Askin - Chiropractor, B.Chiro

Aziz grew up in a small town called Timaru in New Zealand. After completing his chiropractic degree at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic he has been crafting and honing his techniques to help his clients. After working in New Zealand for a few years, he has eagerly decided to join the team in serving the people of the Albury Wodonga Area.

Aziz believes that people should not be limited in their lives by their body’s limits. His goal for his clients is to allow their body to fully move and perform the way it is supposed to. Not just for athletes trying to perfect their skills, but for adults, parents, kids and everyone in between so that they can be at their best, every day.

He enjoys getting outdoors on the mountain bike, motorbike and exploring new areas or out on the water in a kayak. He also has a keen interest in sports and fitness and enjoys keeping fit in the gym.

Aziz is looking forward to becoming a part of the community and having the opportunity to serve as a local chiropractor.

Aziz will be working out of our Albury, Henty and Corryong offices.